University Seekers was founded to help students in academics, athletics, and fine arts to navigate the competitive nature and confusing world of college admissions and recruiting. Our staff of college graduates and experienced college administrators can help guide through the technology driven process of colleges and universities. A life lesson.

Our mission is to empower the families through the college entrance process.

We use cutting edge technology and proven methods to network our relationships with the families and colleges to help reach the goal set forth.

We have worked with over 15,000 students and have over 25 years of experience in this field. We hosted seminars, learning sessions, and have multiple TV shows on this matter of college.

Our dedicated team with its deep knowledge in the process can help any family through the process. We are available any time and day for one on one service.

  • Relations

    With over 3200 colleges and universities in the USA, you need a network to help guide you through to the next level.

  • Technology

    Our database system helps you build a profile, and all important information to show case to colleges. Our algorithms and high knowledge of what colleges look for help you through the process quicker and faster.

  • End Result

    Our qualified students that we guide through this process, as gotten an average of $18,000 per year at the college on their list of choices. End result is to graduate from college and get a good job after school.

  • What we do

    The process can be complicated and overwhelming. What we do is help you achieve your dreams of going to college.

  • Strong Leadership

    We empower our families to be leaders in the college process and maximize their exposure to showcase their talents to colleges.

  • Getting a scholarship

    It comes down to picking the right location, right college program, and right team of people to get a possible scholarship offer.

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