University Seekers Guarantee for Students

University Seekers will prepare an academic summary; update the summary, and other appropriate information. University Seekers agrees to provide that information to colleges and universities for which the student meets the minimum academic standards.

University Seekers does not represent any particular school and does not intend to place students with any particular school. University Seekers is not permitted to negotiate any financial packages with collegiate personnel.

University Seekers will put insurance that a college or university will offer at least a minimum amount. If a minimum is not offered, a return of your money will be done. The Guarantee Example: You can pick an amount from $1000 to $20,000. Which this amount will get you a return from a college or university for the 4 years. So, if you pick $10,000 as a paid minimum. The $10,000 will be offered in insurance or guaranteed in escrow. If offered below $10,000 the client will get back the difference from $10,000. So, the $10,000 will get a return to the client of $40,000 for 4 years as an example.

$10,000 will get a return to the client of $40,000 for 4 years as an example.

If offered over $10,000 example the client will take all the overage.

If the client declines any monies because of not the right school or a difference school, no money will be returned.